Employee of the Quarter

Nancy Bellaci with Dr. Ferrillo.


Nancy Bellaci — Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

The current employee of the quarter is Nancy Bellaci, Administrative Assistant in the department of Academic Affairs. She currently supports the Operations front in the department. Her positive attitude, initiative, and other qualities helped her achieve this recognition.

Quotes from Nancy's colleagues:

"Nancy has taken over the day-to-day organization of Pacific Research Day, and has done an admirable job of getting everything done in a timely manner with minimal oversight."

"Nancy took over quite a large reponsibility and executed her tasks extremely well."


Winter 2014 — Marco Castellanos (Director, Financial Aid)
Autumn 2013 — Maria Petersen (Administrative Assistant, Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum)
Summer 2013 — Sarah Pugeda (Administrative Assistant, Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum)
Spring 2013 — Vanessa Bricker (Interdisciplinary Manager, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/Implant Clinic)
Winter 2013 — Maria Sloan (Administrative Assistant, Dental Practice)
Autumn 2012 — Wilbert Presa (Dental X-Ray Technician, Radiology)
Summer 2012 — Dan Soine (Director, Marketing and Communications)
Spring 2012 — Andrew Malimban (Manager, Building Operations)