Employee of the Quarter

Rauri Finan (center), with Director of Information Technology & Telecommunications Raybel Ramos (left) and Interim Dean Dr. Nader Nadershahi (right)


Rauri Finan - Video Conferencing and Classroom Technology Specialist

The current employee of the quarter is Rauri Finan, Video Conferencing and Classroom Technology Specialist in the department of Information Technology. Rauri is responsible for maintaining the video conference infrastructure and software, providing support for video conferencing technologies, and collaborating with the Instructrional Design Support Specialist in supporting and implementing educational technology. His commitment to the University community, professionalism, outstanding customer service skills and other qualities helped him achieve this recognition.

Quotes from Rauri's colleagues:

"Rauri [is] critical to the success of the academic program in our current environment. Rauri's ability to provide consistent, high-level customer service to faculty who are often frustrated with classroom technology should not be undervalued." 

"Rauri has played a consistently strong role in supporting faculty and staff users of classroom technology...he is without fail knowledgable, professional, and polite. He listens and communicates well, and he offers sound suggestions and recommendations. His follow-through is outstanding."


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