Employee of the Quarter

Marco Castellanos with Dr. Nader Nadershahi.


Marco Castellanos - Director, Financial Aid

The current employee of the quarter is Marco Castellanos, Director of Financial Aid. His positive attitude, leadership, contributions to the University community, and other qualities helped him achieve this recognition. 

Quote from Marco's colleague:

"Marco is a valuable team leader who consistently supports and motivates team members to be their best.  His attitude is an asset to his management style.  Marco continually builds people up, deals with difficult situations with incredible poise and focuses on the positives.  He contributes far beyond his regular job responsibilities.  During the school's transition period, Marco has been one of the leaders who continues to assist faculty and staff adjust to the move and new campus.  Marco always strives for a high level of performance achieved by few.  It is a pleasure and joy to have him on my team!"


Autumn 2013 - Maria Petersen (Administrative Assistant, Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum)
Summer 2013 - Sarah Pugeda (Administrative Assistant, Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum)
Spring 2013 - Vanessa Bricker (Interdisciplinary Manager, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/Implant Clinic)
Winter 2013 - Maria Sloan (Administrative Assistant, Dental Practice)
Autumn 2012 - Wilbert Presa (Dental X-Ray Technician, Radiology)
Summer 2012 - Dan Soine (Director, Marketing and Communications)
Spring 2012 - Andrew Malimban (Manager, Building Operations)