Community Commitment

Community Oral Health Modules

The Pacific Center for Special Care at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry has collaborated with the California Dental Pipeline Coalition to develop a series of online modules addressing the principles of community oral health. The purpose of the modules is to provide information for dental students, dental hygiene students, health center staff and those interested in concepts, systems and methods for improving the oral health of underserved populations.

The course has been successfully used by many types of organizations. The principles of community oral health are becoming increasingly relevant for members of the dental team, medical team, health educators, social workers and others.

There are opportunities to integrate this type of education into professional education. Upon completion of training, your students or team members will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of community oral health
  • Discuss the implications of community oral health on current practice systems
  • Describe ways in which they could use principles of community oral health now or in the future

The course contains 18 modules on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Community Oral Health
  2. National Oral Health Policy
  3. Quality Improvement
  4. Underserved People
  5. Water Fluoridation
  6. Dental Career Options
  7. Oral Health Workforce
  8. The Safety Net and Access to Care
  9. Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  10. Health Informatics
  11. Program Planning
  12. The Integration of Oral Health with Social, Educational and General Health Services
  13. School Based Care and Delivery Systems
  14. Portable and Mobile Oral Health Delivery Systems
  15. Telehealth in Delivery Systems
  16. Community Research Methodology
  17. Public Policy/Legal Reform
  18. Oral Health Literacy

Module Components

Each module presents information in the following format:

  1. Presenter name, module description, and learning objectives
  2. A PowerPoint presentation with audio clip and presenter notes for each slide. To see an example of a presentation, click here.
  3. A "self-assessment quiz" for each module. The quizzes are set up as learning experiences. A score of 100% must be earned on each quiz.  Therefore students will be allowed to take the quizzes multiple times until they master the material.
  4. A discussion guide for support of more intensive learning opportunities which may be used individually or in collaboration with colleagues and other learners about the material in the presentation. 
  5. Additional material such as handouts, links to websites, or other resources pertaining to the module for expanded learning on the topics.

Accessing the Course

Pacific can make the course materials available on a one-time basis at no cost to institutions that have their own learning management system.  The materials can be made available as a compressed "Zip" file in one of two formats: IMS Content Package format OR SCORM 2004 format.  Pacific will not be able to provide technical assistance or ongoing updates to the materials. 

For those who do not have a learning management system, Pacific can make the materials available through Pacific's learning management system, Sakai, for a fee (see below). Pacific will assign a faculty member or dental director from your institution as an administrator/instructor to the course in Sakai. This will allow the instructor to access student grades, monitor the discussion board and post announcements. Pacific will assist in making the materials available, enrolling students and instructors into the course, and providing technical support. Students and faculty will have access to the Sakai materials for one year. 


The fee is dependent upon the number of faculty and students who will be participating in the course, and only applies to institutions using Pacific's learning management system. 

Number of Students to Enroll Annual Fee (assumes course is offered once/yr)
0 - 20 $400
21 - 50 $600
51 - 100 $900
101 - 200 $1,200
Over 200 Please contact Pacific staff

Contact Information

If you're interested in the materials, please contact:
Pacific Center for Special Care
(Please refererence "Community Oral Health Curriculum" in your email subject)