Community Commitment

Goals & Leadership


  • To establish a peer mentoring system at the dental school for students to lead, design and implement outreach projects year-after-year, including community projects in the community after graduation.
  • To promote lifelong professionalism and community involvement via teams of students, residents, dental school faculty, alumni and community dentists and hygienists in a wide variety of oral health community service projects.
  • To provide disease prevention, oral health education, screening and preventive and dental services to underserved members of the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley community.

Officers and Leadership

SCOPE Officers 2014-2015

  • Co-Presidents: Grace Lan & Weston Hollis
  • Vice President: Michelle Nguyen
  • Director of Special Events: Scott Morgan
  • Director of Special Events: Kim Butler
  • Special Events Coordinator: Michelle Hsiao
  • Special Events Coordinator: Cristina Markiewicz
  • Director of Public Relations: Joey Meade
  • Director of Education Resources: Leeann Chu
  • Director of Elder Projects: Katherine Yin
  • Director of Family/Youth: Justine Fan
  • Education Committee: Steven An , Christine Ho and Nanki Natt
  • Professional Peer Mentorship Coordinator: Latisha Chan
  • Professional Peer Mentorship Coordinator: Sahand Soltani