Winter Quarter 2014 Selectives

DDS and IDS Classes of 2014

FINAL Master Lists for DDS and IDS 2014 are now available.  Please scroll down to Downloads.

Hands on Investing and Casting, Thursday, January 16, 2014 is cancelled. 

Students in the graduating classes are required to take one selective during the winter quarter of their senior year. A student may take as many courses as he/she wishes provided there is no time or other conflict. Participation in the Invisalign course in the summer or autumn of 2013 or the IV Sedation course in summer quarter 2013 fulfills your senior-level selective course requirement.

Also available below is a monthly calendar showing the meeting dates/times and room numbers of all selectives. Students should check periodically for any date/time and/or room changes. Changes will be in RED on all forms.

All selective courses are offered on a credit/"F" basis only. The dental school does not have a "no credit" grading option. Selective courses become part of your dental school transcript.