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Preventing and Treating Cavities in Children's Teeth

Children can get cavities in their teeth almost as soon as the teeth surface. The first sign of cavities in a child's mouth may only be white, dull-looking areas of the teeth near the gumline. These can quickly progress to holes in the teeth, pain and even swelling of the face. In the very worst cases, infection from dental disease can be life-threatening.

Cavities in children's teeth are completely preventable, and we focus on preventing dental disease in our Pediatric Dentistry Clinic. We look at each individual patient's and family's needs and work with that family to prevent cavities. Good oral hygiene, nutrition and regular visits to the dentist are essential preventive measures. Also, be sure to ask your dentist about dental sealants, a quick, preventive procedure completed in the dental office. Sealants are applied to children's back teeth to help keep them cavity free. For children who already have cavities, we restore the teeth (often with fillings) to stop the decay of the teeth and then we work with the family and the patient to prevent further cavities.

For more oral health information and tips for parents, please visit the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's Web site.