CDE Course Topics

Dr. Carpenter is available to present various continuing dental education programs for your association or practice on the following topics.

Oral Pathology

A clinical approach for the clinician to diagnose the various oral mucosal lesions. The course will present a clinical outline covering the classification of white, red pigmented, vesiculo-bullous, ulcerative and intra-oral swellings. The clinico-pathologic correlation will be addressed and the differential diagnosis and diagnostic aids discussed. Emphasis will be given to commonly occurring lesions with comparison to oral malignancies.

Oral Cancer

This course illustrates the problems and solutions in differentiating benign, pre-cancerous and malignant lesions as well as the critical importance of early detection. Also reviews risk factors that aid in prevention, detection and treatment; discusses the value of cytology and vital staining with toluidine blue and the "brush biopsy"; and assesses laser control and the use of surgery.

Infection Control & OSHA

Intended for the entire dental team, this course shows how the various government regulations can be easily integrated into a single office safety program. It contains the information that must be included in the yearly OSHA training program for every dental employee with occupational exposure: hazard communications; injury, illness, and prevention; bloodborne pathogens and general safety.

Infectious Diseases and Infection Control

This course discusses infectious diseases including tuberculosis, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV. Infection Control Details regulations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also updates on important issues as dental unit waterlines, exposure incident reporting and latex allergies.

Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients

Covers the management of the patients who suffer from one of a variety of medical conditions. Discusses the pathophysiology of these conditions, including cardiovascular disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and immunocompromised state. Details ways the ways that the dentist must alter the treatment plan to prevent any untoward conditions.