Faculty and Research

Endodontics: Selected Publications

Mechanical Properties of Nickel-Titanium Instruments

Peters OA, Gluskin A, Han J, Adams R, In vitro assessment of novel nickel titanium rotaries with controlled memory, Int Endod J, 2012 [pdf]

Boessler C, Paque F, Peters OA The effect of electropolishing on torque and force during simulated root canal preparation with ProTaper Shaping files, J Endodon 2009 [pdf]

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Peters OA, Barbakow, Dynamic torque and apical forces of ProFile.04 rotary instruments during preparation of curved canals, Int Endod J 2002 [pdf]

Root Canal Preparation Effects

Peters OA, Boessler C, Paqué F, Root canal preparation with a novel nickel-titanium instrument evaluated with micro-computed tomography: canal surface preparation over time, J Endod 2010 [pdf]

Peters OA, Paqué F, Root canal preparation of maxillary molars with the self-adjusting file: a micro-computed tomography study, J Endod, 2011 [pdf]

Gao Y, Peters OA, Wu H, Zhou X, An application framework of three-dimensional reconstruction and measurement in endodontic research, J Endodon 2009 [pdf]

Paque F, Barbakow F, Peters OA, Root canal preparation with Endo-Eze AET: changes in root canal anatomy assessed by micro-computed tomography, Int Endod J [pdf]

Hübscher W, Barbakow F, Peters OA, Root canal preparation with FlexMaster: Canal shapes analysed by micro computed tomography, Int Endod J [pdf]

Peters OA, Peters CI, Schönenberger K. Barbakow F, ProTaper rotary root canal preparation: Effects of canal anatomy on final shape, Int Endod J [pdf]

Peters OA, Schönenberger K, Laib A, Effects of four Ni-Ti preparation techniques on root canal geometry assessed by micro computed tomography, Int Endod J [pdf]

Peters OA, Laib A, Rüegsegger P, Barbakow F, Three-dimensional analysis of root canal geometry using high-resolution computed tomography, J Dent Res 2000 [pdf]

Irrigation of Root Canal Systems

Peters OA, Bardsley S, Pandher G, Fong J, DiVito E, Disinfection of root canals with photon initiated photoacoustic streaming, J Endod, 2011 [pdf]

Jungbluth H, Peters OA et al, Tissue dissolution and related physicochemical properties of household bleach compared to dental NaOCl solutions, J Endod, 2012 [pdf]

Mayer B, Peters OA, Barbakow F, Effects of ultrasonically activated irrigation on smear layer and debris inside root canals, Int Endod J [pdf]

Peters OA, Barbakow F, Effects of irrigation on debris and smear layer on canal walls prepared by two rotary techniques: A scanning electron microscopic study, J Endod [pdf]

Clinical Studies

Miles JA, Gluskin AH, Chambers DW, Peters OA, Pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA): a retrospective analysis of carious pulp exposures treated by undergraduate dental students, Operative Dentistry, 2010 [pdf]

Marending M, Peters OA Zehnder M, Correlation of periapical healing with medical conditions in a retrospective analysis, Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod [pdf]

Peters OA, Barbakow F, Peters CI, An analysis of endodontic treatment with three nickel-titanium rotary root canal preparation techniques, Int Endod J [pdf]

Pulp Biology

Leprince JG, Zeitlin BD, Tolar M, Peters OA, Interactions between immune system and mesenchymal stem cells in dental pulp and periapical tissues: review and perspectives, Int Endod J, 2012 [pdf]