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Recent Faculty-Student-Staff Publications

S. Gebremedhin, A. Au, K. Konopka, M. Milnes and Nejat Düzgüneş (2012) A gene therapy approach to eliminate HIV-infected cells. J. Calif. Dent. Assoc. 40:403-406.

 M. Yee, A. Kim, T. Alpagot, N. Düzgüneş and K. Konopka (2012) Porphyromonas gingivalis stimulates IL-18 secretion in monocytic THP-1 cells. Microbes Infection 14:684-689.

O.A. Peters, A.K. Gluskin, R.A. Weiss and J.T. Han (2012) An in vitro assessment of the physical properties of novel Hyflex nickel-titanium rotary instruments. Int Endod J. 45:1027-1034.

R. D. Morgental, A. Singh, H. Sappal, P.M. Kopper, F.V. Vier-Pelisser and O.A. Peters (2013) Dentin inhibits the antibacterial effect of new and conventional endodontic irrigants. J Endod. 39:406-410.

J.J. May, N. Cohenca and O.A. Peters (2013) Contemporary management of horizontal root fractures to the permanent dentition: diagnosis — radiologic assessment to include cone-beam computed tomography. J Endod. 39(Suppl):S20-25.

Recent Faculty-Staff Publications

P. Skupin-Mrugalska, J. Piskorz, T. Goslinski, J. Mielcarek, K. Konopka and N. Düzgüneş (2013) Current status and views on liposomal porhyrinoid photosensitizes. Drug Discov. Today 18:776-784.

M. Wierzchowski, L. Sobotta, P. Skupin-Mrugalska, J. Kruk, W. Jusiak, M. Yee, K. Konopka, N. Düzgüneş, E. Tykarska, M. Gdaniec, J. Mielcarek, T. Goslinski. (2013) Phthalocyanines functionalized with 2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazolylethoxy and 1,4,7-trioxanonyl moieties and the effect of metronidazole substitution on photocytotoxicity. J. Inorg. Biochem. 127:62-72.