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Applied Anatomy

S.R. Atkinson Collection of Human Skulls

Dr. Dorothy Dechant

Our collection consists of more than 1,400 human crania assembled by orthodontist Spencer R. Atkinson from autopsies and biological warehouses. Included is an extraordinarily well-preserved age graded series of over 400 skulls that span from in utero to adult and represent the most complete subset of juveniles in the United States. Approximately 150 skulls exhibit various rare cranial syndromes such as facial hypoplasia, reduced neurocranial volume, increased intracranial pressure, premature cranial suture synostoses, cleft palate, mandibular condyle anomaly, metopic suture and other pathological and anomalous conditions.

The Atkinson collection is available for study by dental school faculty and by residents and students involved in faculty-sponsored research projects. In addition, the collection is accessible to other qualified professionals who specialize in relevant fields and to advanced students who are enrolled in masters or Ph.D. programs. Conditions governing research access to the collection are available in the collections policy section of the Institute of Dental History and Craniofacial Study.

Dorothy Dechant, ddechant@pacific.edu, 415.929.6627