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Calcium Transport

Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Calcium Transport

Dr. Giuseppe Inesi

Our laboratory has been engaged in a long-term research project, Molecular and Cellular Aspects of the Ca2+ Transport ATPase. This enzyme is a membrane-bound protein that utilizes ATP for active transport of Ca2+, and is required for the intracellular storage of Ca2+. In turn, release of the stored Ca2+ is required for intracellular signaling and initiation of most cellular functions as a second messenger.

Our molecular studies include determination of enzyme and transport kinetics, protein chemistry and derivatization of various amino acid residues, and production of recombinant protein to obtain specific mutations and assess their effects on catalytic and transport function.

Cellular studies involve overexpression or silencing of the ATPase gene in cultured cells, and determination of functional consequences with regard to Ca2+ signaling and regulation of Ca2+-dependent functions.

This research is currently supported by a five-year National Institutes of Health (NIHLBI) award to Dr. Inesi.


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Dr. Giuseppe Inesi, ginesi@pacific.edu, 415.929.6674