Faculty and Research

Clinical Outcomes Evaluation

Outcome Evaluation of the Best Practices Protocol

Dr. Robert Boyd

Our Orthodontics department has been actively engaged in developing, testing and improving the currently used standard protocol for the use of the Invisalign® orthodontic appliance for more than two years. We have a pool of more than 100 patients who have been treated with this appliance by IDS and DDS predoctoral students, orthodontic residents and faculty members.

These patients are the basis of a new study that will begin in June of 2008 as a part of the doctorate dissertation of Dr. Blake Robison. We will measure and evaluate variables including treatment length, degree of difficulty of the initial malocclusion using the Discrepancy Index, numbers of case refinements and midcourse corrections and quality of finished results using the American Board of Orthodontics rating system. Mentors assisting with this project include Orthodontics chair Dr. Robert Boyd and faculty members from University of the Pacific’s Gladys L. Benerd School of Education.

Student volunteers will collect data from our clinic records and computer system and place this data on spreadsheets to develop a database. We will then perform all appropriate statistical analysis. Abstract presentations and the opportunity to be a co-author will be available.

Robert Boyd, rboyd@pacific.edu, 415.929.6690