Faculty Research Projects

Research programs at the school are listed below by participating faculty members.

Alpagot, Tamer: Periodontics

Anderson, Leigh: Physiological Sciences

Baumrind, Sheldon: Orthodontics

Boyd, Robert: Orthodontics

Chambers, David: Dental Practice

Chavez, Elisa: Removable Prosthodontics

Cohen, Joel: Physiological Sciences

  • Biophysical Properties of Biological Surfaces

Dechant, dorothy: S.R. Atkinson Human Skull Collection

Duzgunes, Nejat: Microbiology

Glassman, paul: Dental Practice

Harpeneau, Lisa: Periodontics

Highsmith, Stefan: Physiological Sciences

Inesi, Giuseppe: Physiological Sciences

Lundergan, William: Periodontics

Konopka, Krystyna, Microbiology

Nattestad, Anders: Oral Surgery

Peters, Christine: Endodontics

Polosukina, Katerina: Physiological Sciences

Richards, gary D.: Physiological Sciences

Schulze, Karen: Restorative Dentistry

Tolar, Miroslav: Orthodontics

Tolarova, Marie: Orthodontics

Young, Douglas: Restorative Dentistry

Zeitlin, Benjamin