Commencement Speeches 2013

Dean Patrick Ferrillo

Dean Ferrillo

I probably do not say thank you enough. I advise you to do it. I advise you to thank your loved one when you wake up in the morning. I advise you to pick up the phone and say thank you to your parents and other people who are significant in your life. I do not do that enough. I should thank my family more, because I am here today because of them. Download the full text (PDF) >>


President Pamela Eibeck

President Eibeck By choosing a career in the health sciences, all of you have demonstrated your commitment to serving others, to wellness, and to hope. That commitment shines in your exceptional community outreach. Download the full text (PDF) >>

Dr. Kevin M. Hallgren, DDS Valedictorian


For all of our enduring accomplishments, we are bestowed the privilege to independently care for patients and to improve their lives. Our patients, friends, and communities will rely on us to care for them in only the most respectful and dignified way, and for that we maintain a great responsibility. Download the full text (PDF) >>


Dr. Yukti Gulati, IDS Valedictorian


These past few years have been a roller- coaster ride filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but we survived and through it all we have forged something greater than simply a dental education. Download the full text (PDF) >>