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Alumni Vote to More Closely Integrate Alumni Association into Dugoni School of Dentistry

The Association will continue to offer the same alumni programs, benefits and events as part of the transfer.

October  24, 2012

As a result of a recent proposal voted on and approved by a majority of dues-paid Alumni Association members, the Association will transfer its status as a separate nonprofit organization to one incorporated with University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Under the transfer, the Alumni Association will operate as a department of the Dugoni School of Dentistry. Much of the Association's operations - including member benefits, leadership and personnel - will be unaffected. The transaction is scheduled to be completed by December 1, 2012.

The Alumni Association received 850 proxy ballots with over 95% voting "Yes" for the transition.

The Alumni Association is currently an independent legal entity formed as a nonprofit public benefit corporation. To streamline Association operations, the group's board has been considering a closer operational structure with the dental school for some time. The Association's move from an independent nonprofit corporation to a department within the dental school will offer many benefits. The transaction will ultimately strengthen the group's connection with the School of Dentistry and allow the Association to accomplish its Strategic Plan. It will position the Association for future growth, provide more access to University and school resources, support long-term sustainability of the Association, and satisfy IRS and other compliance requirements, among other benefits. 

The Alumni Association's Board of Directors will continue to sponsor the same programs for alumni and students, and will continue to honor benefits for its members. The current Alumni Association Board and its elected officers will continue as Governing Board members and officers of the organization. Members will continue to vote in these Governing Board members and officers. 

"The Board of Directors closely studied the pros and cons of the proposed change and its effect on our Association," said Dr. Eugene Santucci, president of the Alumni Association. "We look upon this change as a very positive move for the present, and future, success of the Alumni Association."

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