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Celebrating Excellence at Pacific Dugoni

June  02, 2014

On May 28, 2014, the Pacific Dugoni family gathered to showcase and celebrate accomplishments in research, clinical dentistry and community service. The 16th Annual Pacific Research Day and 14th Annual Clinical Excellence Day consisted of poster presentations, case presentations featuring patients, a keynote speech and an awards ceremony. For the first time, this year's Excellence Day featured a student, Deborah Chau '14, as the keynote speaker who spoke about research from the student perspective.

Excellence DayExcellence Day is a long-standing tradition that allows the Pacific Dugoni community to share their projects with colleagues, friends and family. Although there is a competitive component, Excellence Day is a collaborative celebration of the multi-dimensional interests and talents of the Dugoni School of Dentistry.  


2nd Year Student Research Presentations
ADA/Dentsply Award [Student Clinicians of the ADA (SCADA) Award] - Sang Woo Kim; Hinman Symposium Award - Rachael Prokes; Hinman Symposium Award - Jason Young; Excellence Award - Maurissa Kiefer; Excellence Award - Michael Pham; and San Francisco Section of the AADR Award - Nick Ng and Holly Yuen.  

Senior Research Competition
Excellence Award - Lily Park; Excellence Award - Deborah Chau; and Excellence Award - Yoon Lee  
IDS Student Review Presentations and IDS Student Research Presentations 
Excellence Award (for Review) - Deepali Mohindra and colleagues; Excellence Award (for Research) - June Pang; Excellence Award (for Research) - R. Patel   

Stockton Campus Student Presentations
Excellence Award - Xiaoyuan Han


1st Year Section
1st Prize - Annie Mirza  

Caries Management
1st Prize - Amanda Tsoi  

2nd Year Section
1st Prize - Chandni Patel; 2nd Prize - Hennasea Tokumura  

Implant Dentistry
1st Prize - Brian Baliwas; 2nd Prize - Charlie Van Sicklen  

Supportive Therapies
1st Prize - Sarah Murray; 2nd Prize - Jordan Freeark  

Aesthetic Dentistry
1st Prize - Brian Baliwas; 2nd Prize - Erin Meidinger  

Complex Restorative
1st Prize - Poppy Carlig; 2nd Prize - Jufen Zhou  

Removable Prosthodontics
1st Prize - Darren Goring; 2nd Prize - Kristin Heller 


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