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Pacific Dugoni Team Visits Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt

PUA Vice President Alaa Ragab receiving commemoration from Dean Ferrillo.

May  19, 2014

As part of a long-standing initiative to build bridges with dental educators and students around the world, a team from University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry traveled to Alexandria, Egypt, to visit Pharos University's (PUA) second-annual International Dental Student Conference held May 7-9, 2014.

Dean Patrick J. Ferrillo, Jr., and faculty members Dr. Paymon Bahrami and Dr. Eugene LaBarre served as judges at the conference's student research competition, and also made a joint presentation on the topic of "How Globalization Benefits Dental Education: Past & Future of PUA - Pacific Dugoni Cooperation."  

Pacific Dugoni teamPUA and Pacific Dugoni have formally cooperated on student and faculty exchange visits since 2007. During that time, 35 PUA students and faculty have visited San Francisco, and 10 Pacific Dugoni representatives have traveled to Egypt. Although the program has been beneficial to both institutions, activities were curtailed since the Egyptian revolution in early 2011. With widespread hope that upcoming presidential elections in Egypt will have stabilizing and constructive effect in the country, the International Dental Student Conference at PUA provided an opportunity for both partners to plan future cooperative activities according to PUA's strategic interests.  

Pharos University

The Pacific Dugoni team reported how favorably impressed they were by the high quality of PUA student research reports, and by the enthusiasm, friendliness and hospitality of the PUA hosts. By the end of the conference, many new relations had been established. Representatives from both institutions are already looking forward to the next round of collaborative activities.  

Dean Ferrillo had the chance to meet with PUA Vice President Alaa Ragab and PUA Faculty of Dentistry Dean Yehia Ashour (pictured at left).

To learn more about some of ways that Pacific Dugoni is fostering global partnerships, visit the Global Initiatives in Dental Education web page here.

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