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Students from King’s College London Dental Institute Visit Dugoni School as Part of Externship Program

From left to right: Drs. Maureen Valley, Hee So Oh, Romika Sethi, Sahresh Ullah, Jasmin Valencia and Dr. Bob Boyd.

August  22, 2012

The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry's Orthodontic Clinic recently hosted three students from King's College London Dental Institute as part of an externship program. The students spent one week in August visiting many of the Dugoni School's clinics and had a chance to interact with students, faculty and staff during their week-long visit to San Francisco.

The three visitors, Jasmin Valencia, Sahresh Ullah and Romika Sethi, spent their time at the Dugoni School touring and observing in the Orthodontic Clinic, Oral Surgery Clinic, Main Clinic, Special Care Clinic and Pediatric Clinic. Valencia's aunt is a dentist practicing in Daly City, Calif. and the students also spent some time observing in her practice during their stay.

They noted some differences between clinic operations at King's College London and the Dugoni School including the way patients in the United States finance dental care, as well as some differences in clinic teaching styles. They also explained that a dental education at King's College London takes five years to complete, while Dugoni School students complete their degree in three years.

Students at King's College London are required to participate in an externship during their fifth year of dental school, and many travel abroad to widen their knowledge of oral health care and the dental profession. In recent years, the Dugoni School of Dentistry has hosted international student visitors from schools located in China, Kuwait, Egypt, India, the United Kingdom and South America, among many other locations around the world. 

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