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FOCIS News and Events

4/1/2010     Upcoming Changes to Your Pacific E-mail Account

Students, faculty, and staff will be able to share information and ideas more easily with their new access to Google Apps, which offers a free set of customizable tools.
Fore more info please visit: Transitioning to Google and our FAQ
4/1/2010     VoIP Deployment

Information Technology, Telecommunication staff and Stockton Telecommunications have replaced Avaya office phones with new Cisco IP phones. The VoIP project is an upgrade of the entire Pacific Community telephone system to a new level. The implementation of this communication tool aligns with the strategic goal of the Information Technology department to keep pace with the continuously changing world of computer and Internet-based technologies.
2/19/2010     PCC Waiting List

The online PCC Waiting List went live on February 1 for students to sign up to see a patient care coordinator.

A 24-inch monitor has been installed in one of the student clinic to provide easy viewing of the list. Larger size monitors are being considered for each clinic.
2/10/2010     Upcoming Changes

VoIP Phone for faculty and staff - Tentative deployment date is March 8.

Gmail for students – Google Day is coming! Date and time will be announced via e-mail and this newsletter.
2/1/2010     Stockton and Union City axiUm Go-Live

axiUm went live for Stockton and Union City on February 1, 2010. Information Technology Department staff spent a whole weekend on the data conversion, and provided onsite training and support throughout the entire first week of February. There is continued support for both Clinics remotely.

Currently there are over 20 users in Union City and about 45 users in Stockton.
1/13/2010     Summit 2010

Pacific group particpates in the Summit 2010, axiUm's annual Users Meeting in Vancouver. It was a great experiencie for everyone.
1/1/2010     Security at Work

To keep your computer and the school network safe from viruses and related computer problems, a basic understanding of information security is required.
Please follow these advices and simple tips to secure your computing environment.
12/1/2009     Purchasing Computing Software, Services, and Equipment

If you need to purchase hardware or software for business use, please fill out the online PDF Form.  Follow instructions in the purchasing policy document

If you are considering to purchase a desktop or laptop computer for personal use, Dell offers a good academic discount.   Learn more and shop online >>

11/1/2009     Sakai

Faculty are advised to contact Information Technology to explore options for migration from Blackboard to Sakai.
To log into Sakai Click Here, please use your PacificNet ID and password.
If you have any login problems, please contact the Information Technology Department.
10/11/2009     Stockton and Union City Clinic Set up

Information Technology department staff members spent a day installing all the thin clients for the Clinic Administration System for the Stockton and Union City clinics. These will go live in January 2010.
9/1/2009     Laguna Honda Clinic

Information Technology department staff members had been working very hard for the last few weeks to bring everything together at our Laguna Honda clinic . "I hardly recognized the place with all the new hardware." Said Elisa Chavez Luna, Director of the Clinic.
7/13/2009     Clinic Go live - Exan is here

The San Francisco clinics were awash in orange mid-July through October as Information Technology department staff, representatives from Exan and faculty and staff axiUm “Super Users”, sporting easy-to-see safety orange vests and carrying radios, assisted other campus users with axiUm. IT personnel also developed Quick guide documents to assist users with our new clinic system.
7/11/2009     Laptop Orientation

All Information Technology department staff members were on hand to distribute new student laptops to the 164 members of the incoming DDS and IDS classes of 2012. This event, which includes essential training in the use of student laptops, is an annual event.
7/1/2009     axiUm Go-live

As the Summer 2009 quarter began, axiUm began its roll-out at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, with a test group of users in the Emergency Clinic. Dr. Ferrillo was there supporting IT, the students and faculty.
6/21/2009     Thin-client computers in the clinic

The first thin client was set up by IT in our clinic. With such a large, integrated and diverse facility, we wanted to minimize the need for routine IT maintenance; thin-client technology was the answer. In fact, thin-client computers are among the hottest technical innovations in the last few years.
3/14/2009     axiUm settings and conversion

The Information Technology department, the PMO and Exan's consultant are working long hours on the configuration of axiUm for our dental school.
2/21/2009     Vancouver 2009

We made contacts with several axiUm-using schools and got very specific advice from them on the configuration process. This advice has the potential to make the FOCIS project much more efficient and successful.
2/5/2009     Ergonomic Track

A group of students, Building Operations, Ergonomic Track and the Information Technology department get together to find the best location for the monitor in the main clinic.
2/2/2009     axiUm is now available remotely

axiUm is now available remotely for the test group’s use.

Windows and Mac users: Remote Desktop Connection requires the same PacificNet login information you normally use to log into the Pacific network.

If you have any problems, please contact us by entering a Pacific Help Request at

Pacific Help Center

1/27/2009     Maintenance Training

Information Technology and the eight tracks of the FOCIS project have started having axiUm maintenance conference calls with Robin E. Tampin from the Training / Technical Support department of Exan.
1/25/2009     Design and Photo

Information Technology has an incredible time collaborating with Design and Photo to produce the advertising materials for the FOCIS Project. Design and Photo is exceptional!
9/5/2008     When you need to Focus (Room 607 A)

Good qualitative research such as the work of the FOCIS project is more easily accomplished away from the distractions of one’s own desk, in a quiet place where ad hoc group collaboration can occur. Whenever you need to move away from daily interruptions and toward a solution, feel free to use room 607A, which has been set aside for your use.