Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The goal of our strategic plan is to provide the road map to move the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry to even higher levels of national and international prominence.

You may recall that our strategic planning process started up again last spring with the selection of strategic direction task forces. Those task forces include one for each of the six parts of the school mission plus a seventh task force focused on student services.  (Read the Strategic Plan Update: Building Our Future, Embracing Our Legacy)  There are more than 40 Dugoni School representatives on the task forces, including students, staff and faculty. The groups are:

  • Task Force 1:  Prepare oral healthcare providers for scientifically based practice
  • Task Force 2:  Define new standards for education
  • Task Force 3:  Provide patient-centered care
  • Task Force 4:  Discover and disseminate knowledge
  • Task Force 5:  Actualize individual potential
  • Task Force 6:  Develop and promote policies addressing the needs of society
  • Task Force 7:  Student services  

The task forces have begun identifying objectives that will address goals for each of these strategic directions. The objectives will be written according to SMART guidelines:  

  • S: specific (simply written and clearly defined)
  • M: measurable (metrics created for each)
  • A: achievable (challenging and attainable)
  • R: results-focused (measure outcomes, not activities)
  • T: time-bound (linked to a timeframe for completion)

The Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) has met to assist in the process. The SPOC 2015 members are Parag Kachalia (Direction 1), Cindy Lyon (Direction 2), Lynn Edwards (Direction 3), Johnah Galicia (Direction 4), Bradd Jenkins (Direction 5), Paul Subar (Direction 6), Dan Soine (Direction 7), Sarah Park (student representative) and Richard Fredekind (SPOC chairperson).

The charge of this committee is to structure the format of implementation plans received from the task forces, periodically assess progress and keep everyone informed. The goals and objectives that will receive the highest priority are those that positively impact student education and patient care, improve the working environment for employees, expand interprofessional educational opportunities, optimize use of the new facility, and facilitate the accreditation process.

 You will begin to see more communications from the various task forces requesting your attendance or input in the development of objectives. Your participation in this process is essential in making the final strategic plan both comprehensive and effective. Your involvement can positively impact the future of the dental school. By the academic break in December 2015, we intend to have a list of objectives we can begin to implement. So, be ready to speak up when you have a great idea.  

Richard Fredekind, DMD, MA Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) Chairperson