Strategic Plan

Dean's Message

We have been implementing the new strategic plan in a variety of ways since the completion last year. I am pleased to announce a formal implementation agenda is now available to guide the school. When we launched the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry strategic planning process last year, I charged the writing group to build on the school's distinctive character and historic strength to create a bold and dynamic strategic plan to advance the school to a new level of greatness that is uniquely the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. I also envision a communicative consensus building process. As chair of the writing group, Dr. Alan Gluskin led this process to result in an ambitious strategic plan to guide the Dugoni School for the next five years.

We will fulfill our school's mission, meet strategic directions, and achieve this vision one step at a time. Last fall, I appointed the Implementation Task Force, chaired by Dr. Marc Geissberger, to bring the bold initiative of the strategic plan into an agenda of action steps. Just as the strategic planning process engaged a broad range of stakeholders, so the implementation planning process involved faculty, staff, the Pacific Dugoni Foundation board, the alumni, students, and many others. After receiving input from the community, the Implementation Task Force met to narrow down the action steps. They identified 109 action steps. In May, the Implementation Task Force and the Dean's Cabinet reviewed the input of all the groups and carefully reviewed the 109 action steps resulting from the broad input.

To move forward the implementation of the strategic plan, we had to prioritize and develop a reasonable agenda. In other words, we simply do not have the people and financial resources to implement 109 different action steps all at once. Keep in mind our strategic plan has five year duration. Based on your feedback and careful analysis of all the proposed actions, I asked the Implementation Task Force and Dean's Cabinet to consider the impact of the action steps and human and financial resources requirements all in the context of our mission and to develop a feasible implementation agenda for the next 12 months. The implementation plan will shortly be on our webpage.

As you review the agenda, please keep in mind the five year review. The Dean's Cabinet will regularly monitor and update the agenda. Each quarter, some things will come off the list marked as accomplished, others will be added, and still others — those that require significant resources — will remain on the agenda for some time to come. Each year, the Dean's Cabinet and the Implementation Task Force will thoroughly review all action steps and revise the agenda for another 12 months. While we cannot implement all 109 action steps at the same time, rest assured that none of the proposed steps are lost. We will come back to them throughout the five-year period of implementation. You can expect to receive updates about accomplishments.

Finally, most important, I ask you to help turn our new vision into reality. Implementation depends on the entire University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry community, working together to create the future. Please accept my appreciation for all your help and efforts in this important matter. Special thanks to the writing group, the Implementation Task Force, and the Dean's Cabinet. Thank you.

Patrick J. Ferrillo, Jr., D.D.S.