The Dugoni Experience

Drew Malimban

"I want to improve our facility and help Pacific become greener and more efficient."

Andrew MalimbanDrew Malimban

Manager, Building Operations

Years of Service: 8 years

Favorite Aspect of Working at Pacific: My interactions with different people in all departments, within the Pacific community as well as people outside of the school.

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Spend a day in the shoes of Drew Malimban and you'll never have a dull, boring moment. As manager of Building Operations, Drew could be dealing with equipment issues for the clinic one day and speaking with building contractors or the elevator tech guys on another day.

"There's never a day that goes by where I won't get sideswiped by something that just comes out of the blue," says Drew. "I could be working with the guys on a project, but that would be dropped in a second if we have a power outage, flood or equipment failure."

This variety is what Drew loves the most about his job, and his ability to go with the flow and take on projects as they come has made him an asset to the very tight-knit Building Operations team. Soon after joining the school in 2003, he found himself constantly taking on more responsibilities and was soon managing various projects within the dental school. He has held several different positions within the department, starting off as the mailroom/clinic supplies clerk, then moving on to being the lighting specialist and lead technician, and finally to his current position as manager.

"I wasn't the most skilled person in the shop, but it was something I kept working on," says Drew. "I never tried to make myself seemed like I knew it all. However, every time I got the chance to learn new skills, I took the time to learn from those around me and do it right."

Many people within the school don't realize that Building Operations is involved with everything they touch, see and breathe in the building, from the flooring and furniture to the electricity, water and ventilation. Responding to requests from the different departments - including sterilization, faculty practice and orthodontics - is just part of Drew's job. He also deals with people outside the school such as city employees who conduct annual inspections, gardeners, janitors, contractors, and the fire department, just to name a few.

Despite holding a position that requires him to be on call 24/7, Drew is able to maintain a healthy balance between his work and family life. In addition to hanging out with his Building Operations family, who frequently play basketball together during lunch, Drew tries to spend as much time as possible with his three-year-old daughter Savannah by taking her out to the park or to ballet class.

What does the future hold? The school is in the midst of a feasibility study about the future of its facilities, and Drew has been involved with the process, helping to assess the current building and equipment, as well as making suggestions.

The current state of the building is something that inspires Drew to work harder. Having been at the dental school for eight years, he has witnessed the many changes here, and can see the possibilities for the future.

"I know that there's equipment out there that is super efficient," says Drew. "Knowing that there is better facilities technology motivates me to help the department, and the school, be more green and efficient."

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