The Dugoni Experience

Steve Rose

"It truly is a great feeling to donate and I have seen so many alumni give and enjoy doing it."

Steve RoseSteve Rose

Las Vegas, NV

Degree: DDS 1979

Dental Specialty: General dentistry

Favorite Dental School Memory: His enduring friendships with students and faculty — and playing softball with his class team

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Some people get into dentistry because of a positive early experience with somebody in the profession. Others may be encouraged to become dentists by their friends. Still others succumb to familial pressure. In Steve Rose's case, it was a little of each. As a child in Clearfield, UT, his family dentist piqued his interest in the oral health care field. Later, during his undergraduate years at Weber State, his friend Bob Torghele (who became a member of the Class of 1977) told him about Pacific. "Because of Bob's positive words and because of the three-year program, Pacific was absolutely my first choice."

However, the clincher was when Steve met wife-to-be Marsha... and the only way her father would agree to their marriage "was if I told him I would become a dentist!" His fate was sealed.

Life at the School of Dentistry was a whirlwind of activity. Married by this time and helping raise two children, Steve still managed to find time to play on the class softball team, the UOP Pedunkles (a term they learned from Pathology class), as well as to participate in his church community.

Of his time at the school, he comments, "My best memories of school are the friendships that are made with students and faculty and how they have endured over the past 32 years. We truly are family. I am grateful for the education that Pacific provides-the school produces such good clinical dentists."

After dental school, he moved to Las Vegas, where today he maintains a private practice, Rose Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Las Vegas, along with his son Dr. Michael Rose '08.

Steve had stayed in touch with several of his dental school friends, including Jim Ence '77, who also lived and practiced in Las Vegas. "Jim has always been a great friend and motivator; I looked up to him." Jim was on the dental school's board (then called the Pacific Dental Education Foundation) and encouraged Steve to join, which he did in 2006. Another factor in his decision to get involved was the fact that his son Mike and son-in-law Ryan '05 were by this time students at the School of Dentistry.

He has found his time on the board rewarding and fulfilling. "Meeting with alumni who love the school and want to give back is very uplifting. I appreciate all the school has done for my family and me, and consider it an honor to be able to help in this capacity."

Outside of his activities with the Pacific Dugoni Foundation, Steve is a past president of the Southern Nevada Dental Society, and secretary for the Nevada Dental Association. Currently he is also on the Henderson Parks and Recreation board. In his spare time, he is a Little League coach, and is involved with his church. "My 14 grandkids also keep me busy!" No doubt he will be even busier when he assumes the presidency of the PDF board in October 2011.

Summing up his philanthropic endeavors, Steve says, "I have never missed anything I have donated to the dental school and feel that I got more out of it by being able to give. It truly is a great feeling to donate and I have seen so many alumni give and enjoy doing it."

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