Selectives by Quarter

General Information:

Winter Quarter 2018 Selectives

DDS 2018 and IDS Classes of 2018

Senior students are required to take one selective during the final year. Selectives for seniors are offered in the winter quarter. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. A student may take as many courses as he/she wishes as long as there is no other conflict. NOTE: Students participating in the Ortho Invisalign® course in summer or autumn quarters of 2017 meet the senior-level selective course requirement. All selective courses are offered on a credit/"F" basis only. The dental school does not have a "no credit" grading option. Selective courses become part of your dental school transcript. If you are absent for any selective for which you are pre-registered you may receive a grade of Incomplete (INC).

Add/Drop period has ended. Download the list of Winter Quarter 2018 selective offerings below to view changes to the dates, times, rooms, etc. listed in red. Download the enrollment lists based on your criteria. You can independently attend any course that has not closed for which you did not pre-register. Sign in with your initials, or add your name in the "ADD ONs" section of the roster if you are not pre-registered, using the roster that is sent around by instructor. The instructor will ultimately decide how students are graded. Instructors will determine if students receive credit if their assignments, if applicable, are complete and satisfactory.