Employee of the Quarter

Summer 2017
Melanie Mai, Administrative Assistant (Academic Affairs)

The current employee of the quarter is Melanie Mai, Administrative Assistant in the department of Academic Affairs. She serves as the primary support to the Executive Associate Dean, the strategic planning oversight committee and the FAPTC. In addition to this, she is also an active member of the Health & Wellness Committee. Her commitment to the University community, professionalism, outstanding customer service skills and other qualities helped her achieve this recognition. 

Quotes from Melanie's colleagues:

"What Melanie does every day directly improves three of our cores values: humanism, reflection, and collaboration. She is very responsible and treats everyone with dignity and respect...and she collaborates well with students, staff, and faculty in a way that is helpful and encouraging. She fits our culture well and makes it better everyday she is here." 

"Melanie has helped so many people since she arrived here, either directly or indirectly. That includes the staff she works with every day, faculty she supports through her FAPTC activities, and students she helps with questions or arranging meetings. The school is better off for her presence here." 

Past Recipients

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