Research in the Spotlight

In this section, we highlight a selection of the recent research produced by faculty and students at the Dugoni School. A larger list of published research can be found on the Publications page. 

Resorbable versus Titanium Plates for Orthognathic Surgery

Which plate type is more effective for the fixation of facial bones after corrective jaw surgery?

transfection efficiency comparison
Nonviral Vector Shows Promising Transfection Activity Levels

Cells undergoing division are much more susceptible to non-viral vector-mediated gene delivery.

Phototoxicity of Liposomal Zn- and Al-Phthalocyanine

How effective are they against cervical and oral squamous cell carcinoma cells in vitro?

Effect of Root Canal Treatment with Novel Tool

A study looking at how teeth handle stress loads after a root canal performed using particular methods and tools.

Improving the Medical Curriculum

How best to prepare dental students to treat patients with medically complex conditions?

students and poster
Anesthesia Injection Research Garners Awards

Students Robin Lambert and Riddhima Suri are receiving notice for research exploring a modified technique to administer anesthetic.

oral cancer lesion
Detection of Early-Stage Oral Cancer by Dental Hygienists

A survey assessing dental hygienists' knowledge and ability to detect early-stage lesions, and the factors that impact their success rate.

virtual dental home
The (Potentially Preventable) Cost of Care

This study looked at rates and costs of surgical oral care for children enrolled in Medicaid.

Caries chart
Dental Caries: An Update on Dental Trends and Therapy

A review of caries risk assessment in children, and the role of oral health professionals and other medical professionals.

Orafacial Pain cover
Orafacial Pain

Categorizing types of pain to help dentists avoid unnecessary treatments, provide lasting relief.

damaged deeth
Caring for Patients Who Use Meth

Research aimed at mitigating the negative effects of methamphetamine use and improving patient care.

Fuobacterium nucleatum
The Mouth's Immune Response to Bacteria

Researchers find that fusobacterium nucleatum sets off a cascade of responses by the immune system in the mouth.

teeth image
A SMART Restoration Technique

A technique to halt decay and seal teeth in a single appointment using two products.

Avoiding Needlesticks

A modified technique for administering anesthesia.