Student Leadership

Leadership is a big part of the culture at the Dugoni School. Our students have earned national recognition for leadership in dental education and the profession, and the school is considered a hot bed for developing student leaders who are well versed in local, state and national issues. During the past five years, our students have been elected or appointed to some of the highest profile student leadership positions in the nation.

Leadership of this caliber doesn't happen by accident. Leadership development is so important to us, that we have included it as one of the dental school's core values. We offer many opportunities for our students to gain experience, assume leadership roles and grow. Student leadership has flourished at the Dugoni School thanks to our strong and effective student government, wide variety of mentoring and leadership opportunities and the constant encouragement from administrators and faculty to become involved.

One the most important concepts we embrace is that leaders are not born, they are made. That is, leadership is not an inherited ability but rather a set of skills that can be taught, acquired and nurtured. Leadership talent exists in most people and only needs to be exposed and developed.

In the words of Dean Emeritus Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni: "At Pacific, we grow people and along the way they become doctors."

2016 - 2017 Associated Student Body Leadership

Associated Student Body Cabinet

President: Mike Stout, DDS 2017
Vice President: Jessie Yu, DDS 2017
Secretary: Nikita Chaudhri, DDS 2018
Rep at Large: Sarah Mathai, DDS 2018
Parliamentarian: Jonathan Wang, DDS 2019
Treasurer: Sunny Lee, DDS 2019

DDS 2017 Class Officers

President: Neri Lubomirsky
Vice President: Hannah Cohen
Class Rep: Joanna Meekay
Clinic Ambassador: James Kellogg
Ethics Rep: Joseph Phillips
Historians: Melyssa Astorga, Philip Choi
Webmaster: Brent Jorgensen
ADEA Rep: Jessie Yu
ASDA Rep: Ruidan Ma
CDA Rep: Andrew LaFlamme
SCOPE Reps: Rachel Chapa, Adam Gluskin

IDS 2017 Class Officers

ADEA Rep: Dr. Raj Bhatt
ASDA Rep: Dr. Jimmy Bhatt
CDA Rep: Dr. Grishma Zaveri
SCOPE Rep: Dr. Karina Alcala Barbosa

DDS 2018 Class Officers

President: Blake Swimmer
Vice President: Jonny Volland
Clinic Ambassador: Brad Coons
Ethics Rep: Chad Sloan
Historian: Huy Pham
Webmaster: Nainesh Tailor
ADEA Rep: William Keeton
ASDA Rep: Trent Ichiuji
CDA Rep: Kevin Kai
SCOPE Reps: Natalie Okuhara, Matt Parisek

IDS 2018 Class Officers

President: Dr. Sarwat Zaffer
Vice President: Dr. Divakar Prakash
Class Rep: Dr. Abby Gail Shalaby
Clinic Ambassador: Dr. Arezoo Heshmati
Ethics Rep: Dr. Bhavik Makwana
ADEA Rep: Dr. Grishma Patel
ASDA Rep: Dr. Lakshmi Vishwanat
CDA Rep: Dr. Aparna Manikkath
SCOPE Rep: Dr. Avni Bhula

DH 2018 Class Officers

President: Lamees Al-Dossari
Vice President: June Long
Secretary: Nadine Mendoza
Treasurer: Lily Xie
CDHA/SADHA Rep/Alumni: Allison Yochim
Public Relations/Social Chairs: Shelby LaDeRoute, Jonas Nguyen
Historians: Stephanie Bodemeijer, Felicia Ortiz
Corporate Relations: Yoon Lee

DDS 2019 Class Officers

President: Marilyn Nguyen
Vice President: Grace Kim
Class Rep: Cathy Han
Ethics Rep: Jackson Partin
Historian: Caitlin Ha
Webmaster: Brandon Rebottaro
ADEA Rep: Hannah Fox
ASDA Rep: Renz Antonio
CDA Rep: Jasmine Flake
SCOPE Reps: Michelle Fat, Alex Rauchle