Helix Curriculum Innovation Award

The Helix Curriculum Innovation Award is intended to recognize and reward those members of the faculty who experiment with instructional innovation to help define new standards for education. Faculty submit an application package to me, including a written proposal and teaching artifacts. The Faculty Development Oversight Committee members review submitted proposals and select three finalists. The finalists make a 10-minute presentation each, and faculty and students in attendance rank the presentations. The one gets the highest vote wins the award of the year.

Award winners


Dr. Leticia Ferreira and Harley Grandin (DDS2017): Designing case-based online learning with SotChalk
Dr. Pat King: Implementing Standardized Patients (SP) with IDS students


Drs. Der Thor and Nan Tori Xiao: Student small group online presentations with Voicethread


Dr. Darren Cox: Implementing an inter-professional education program between dental and pharmacy students


Dr. Jessie Vallee: Redesign of the IPT curriculum


Dr. Natasha Lee: Computer-based simulations for teaching practice management


Dr. Ove Peters: Redesigning the Endodontics manual into an interactive iBook