Recommended Teaching Resources

Dental School resources
University resources
External organizations

              This website introduces various active learning techniques they are very easy to implement in your teaching without having to significantly redesign your course.  Good starting point.

  • Flipped Learning Network  
    An online professional learning community for educators who use flipped classroom design.
  • Educause
    A national organization dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research on the impact of emerging technologies in higher education. Educause offers a series of webinars and short courses on emergent pedagogies, and holds annual conferences. 
  • Faculty Focus
    Established in 2003 by Magna Publications, Faculty Focus publishes short articles on teaching and learning in face-to-face and online learning environments in higher education.
  • Online Learning Consortium
    Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-Consortium) offers various faculty development programs such as webinars and workshops, and holds annual conferences.
  • Magna Publication
    Magna Publication offers various professional development resources for higher education faculty, including online seminars and workshops.
  • New Media Consortium
    A national organization conducting research on the impact of technology and producing annual reports (including the "Horizon Reports) that help shape national educational policies.
  • MedEdPortal 
    Peer-reviewed publication and multimedia materials on teaching and learning in health sciences education.
  • AAL (Academy for Academic Leadership) 
    AAL offer various faculty development courses and workshops on teaching and learning, research, leadership and other related topics.