Annual Teaching Showcase

To support the implementation of the Helix Curriculum, a model that emphasizes active learning and teaching innovation, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Faculty Development Oversight Committee (FDOC) co-sponsor the Annual Teaching Showcase.  It is hosted on the afternoon of the December Faculty Development Day.  This program provides a low-risk platform for faculty to demonstrate innovative instructional practices implemented in didactic, preclinical, or clinical teaching, and discuss and exchange ideas with colleagues. The aim is to create a cross-disciplinary faculty learning community for collegial support in the implementation of effective instructional strategies.

2016 Teaching Showcase presenters

The following faculty and students were selected by the Faculty Development Oversight Committee to present at the 2016 Teaching Showcase. 

  • Dr. Jeff Wood: PD240 learning tools inventory  
  • Drs. Der Thor and Nan Tori Xiao: The flipped classroom to learn autonomic nervous system
  • Drs. Des Gallagher and Michelle Brady: The BDA model for questioning for critical thinking in clinical teaching
  • James Huang, DDS 2018 and Brian Chang, DDS 2018: Student-created instructional videos to support student learning in the simulation clinic
  • Dr. Ray Scott: Educational outcomes of small group discussion versus traditional lecture format in dental students' learning and skill acquisition  
  • Dr. Mark Booth: Animation creation to illustrate mandibular movement in dental anatomy and occlusion 
  • Dr. Leticia Ferreira and Harley Grandin, DDS 2017: Interactive case-based learning games in oral pathology  
  • Dr. Chi Tran: Using iPad/iPhone as a presentation and annotation tool for enhanced classroom engagement and active learning  
  • Dr. Bernadette Fa: Using video-based formative assessment in Canvas