Active Learning Techniques

This section features active learning techniques implemented by faculty at the Dugoni School.  If you have implemented any active learning techniques and would like to be featured here, please use this short form >>

  • Web-based concept mapping: Dr. Zeitlin
  • Online formative assessment in Canvas/Sakai: Drs. Robins, White, Iyer, Wood
  • Video-based onliine quizzes: Dr. Fa
  • Using videos in Voicethread: Drs. White, Iyer
  • Reflective portfolio: Miller, Drs. Jue, Lundergan
  • Mobile learning: Drs. Lundergan, Subar, Burk, Peters, Iyer, Robins, Mendez, Cox, Ferriera, Thor, Richard, Mendez, Vallee
  • Educational social networking: Drs. Cox, Ferriera
  • iBooks: Drs. Cox, Peters
  • 3-D technology: Drs. Peters, Park
  • Interactive simulations: Dr. Tran
  • Educational games: Dr. Lee
  • Educational blogs: Dr. Des
  • 3D printing technology in clinical teaching: Dr. Bradley
  • Flipped classroom: Drs. Thor, Xiao, Louie, Robins, White, Iyer, Santucci
  • Blended/online learning: Drs. Cox, Ferriera, Mendez, Wood, Young
  • SoftChalk interactive case-based lessons: Dr. Ferriera
  • Small group based learning: Drs. Arias, Scott, Peters, Gluskin
  • iPad for self-assessment in the clinic: Ms. Miller