Faculty Development

This page provides updates on existing and new learning tools available for your use at the school.

  • SoftChalk integration: You can add an LTI link to a SoftChalk interactive lesson to a specific module on the Modules page. If you set your Softchalk lessons to be graded, you can also track student grades in the Canvas gradebook.
  • Voicethread integration: You can add an LTI link to a Voicethread presentation/assignment to a specific module on the Modules page.
  • Appointment scheduler: Canvas has a built-in apppointment scheduler that allows students to easily make an appointment with you to review exams.
  • Rubrics integration with assignments: You can create a rubric in Canvas and link it to an assignment. When you grade the assignment, you can fill out the rurbic and sent it to students directly in Canvas.
  • Audio and video feedback for assignments: You can provide audio or video feedback to students on their assignments in Canvas. Audio and video feedback can add a personal touch to the feedback as your tone and experession can easily come across to students.
  • The university recently purchased an institutional license of Polleverywhere for all three campuses. All dental faculty have been invited to migrate to this new license in order to continue to have access to the premium features. You should have been sent an invitation email to join the new license. Make sure to follow the instructions to complete the migration process. 
  • Updated presenter app: Polleverywhere has an updated desktop presenter app that allows instructors to easily embed live polls in a Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Sildes presentation. Download the app here.
  • New question types: Now you can poll students with new question types, including brainstorm, ranking, and discourse questions. Check out pollev.com for details.
  • Running group competion: You can enhance student engagement by running group competion in the class with Polleverywhere.
  • Assignment builder: The Assignment Builder in Voicethread allows instructors to design assignments that require students to watch a Voicethread presentation, make comments on a presentaiton, or create their own presentation. With this feature, you can easily track student participation in Canvas.
  • Mobile app: Faculty and students can download and install the Voicethread mobile app to their phone or tablet to review presentations and make comments on the go.
  • Integration with Canvas: Voicethread has been integrated with Canvas. You can now easily add a link to a Voicethread presentation to a module.

SoftChalk (NEW 2016)

SoftChalk is an award-winning e-learning authorization tool. It allows instructors to create interactive online lessons with features such as pop-up quizzes with instant/answer-level feedback, mini learning games, labeling, matching, clicking, and so on. Students have the opportunity to print a certificate of completion after completing a SoftChalk lesson. Dr. Leticia Ferreira is working on creating interactive online cases for DDS 2017 with SoftChalk. More updates will be shared when available.