The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry family includes a dedicated group of people involved in the administration of the school and the management of its departments. Administrative leaders and department directors include:

Dr. Nader A. Nadershahi, Dean
415.929.6425 /

Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni, Dean Emeritus
415.929.6425 /

Dr. Sigmund H. Abelson, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
415.351.7118 /  

Ms. Kathy Candito, Associate Dean for Student Services
415.929.6491 /

Dr. Craig S. Yarborough, Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement; Director, Center for Success
415.929.6430 /

Ms. Kara C. Bell, Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Support Operations
415.929.6468 /

Dr. Daniel J. Bender, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
415.929.6437 /

Dr. David Ojcius, Assistant Dean for Research
415.780.2095 /

Mr. Edward Pegueros, Assistant Dean of Fiscal Services
415.351.7192 /

Mr. Stan Constantino, Director of Admissions
415.929.6491 /

Ms. Eve J. Cuny, Director of Environmental Health and Safety; Director of Global Initiatives
415.929.6610 /

Ms. Joanne Fox, Director of the Alumni Association
415.929.6423 /

Mr. Neil Kingston, Director of Building Operations
415.929.6470 /

Ms. Maysa Namakian, Director of Continuing Dental Education
415.929.6488 /

Mr. Raybel Ramos, Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications
415.929.6517 /

Mr. Dan Soine, Director of Marketing and Communications
415.351.7106 /

Ms. Joan M. Yokom, Director of Design and Photo Services
415.929.6584 /

April 2018