Profile: John Kim

John Kim
Board Member of the Pacific Dugoni Foundation

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Degree: DDS 2004, Dugoni School of Dentistry

"I think it's rare that dental schools have the caliber of events we do, but I think it reflects the caliber of our Pacific Dugoni family."

While pursuing a bachelor degree in natural science biology at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, Dr. John Kim attended a presentation held by his pre-health club. Little did he know that this meeting would be a critical turning point, ultimately leading him to dentistry and the strong relationships he would establish at the Dugoni School.

Before he met Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement Dr. Craig Yarborough during the presentation, John wasn't sure what career path he would choose. He found himself drawn in by Dr. Yarborough's description of the humanistic model of education, the benefits of a three-year program and the city of San Francisco. Complete the coursework (and do well), Dr. Yarborough said. Take the Dental Admission Test and apply to Pacific. Impressed, John was motivated to take his advice.

"I thought that if the people of Pacific were like Dr. Yarborough, then I would be a good fit personality-wise, and the atmosphere of Pacific would provide a great learning environment," recalls John.

John feels very fortunate to have attended the Dugoni School. He remembers being challenged in the classroom and clinic, but also having fun. Additionally, it was here that he met fellow classmate Dr. Misty Cervantes-Kim, now his wife. He has fond memories of all the events — from his White Coat Ceremony and Asilomar to the golf tournaments and alumni events.

"In my opinion, these events gave us a connection with what we were going through as dental students to what we were becoming, Pacific alumni," says John. "I think it's rare that dental schools have the caliber of events we do, but I think it reflects the caliber of our Pacific Dugoni family!"

From the beginning, John has believed that Pacific is special compared to other institutions and feels a sense of pride in the school. A graduate of the Class of 2004, John developed strong relationships with his classmates as well as his mentors.

"I have so much appreciation for Dr. Craig Yarborough's time," reflects John. "He not only inspired me to attend Pacific, but truly nurtured my time while I was there and has continued to stay connected since I have been gone."

And even though his student days are behind him, John has managed to stay connected as well. After graduation, he had the benefit of having regent and dental school alum Dr. Ron Redmond's private orthodontic practice within the dental group he joined.

While attending Pacific, John would see the names of the PDF board members, and knew that they were an integral part of the development and advancement of the school. So when he was asked him to be part of the board, he was honored and thrilled.

"I was surprised because it was early into my career," said John. "But I want to be part of continuing the excellence that Pacific is providing in the development of dentists for generations to come."

Aside from his responsibilities as a dentist and board member, John keeps busy with his wife, two children and dog. He is also an avid runner and has completed four marathons to date.

"I can't say enough about the school, Dr. Yarborough and the impact the entire experience has had on me."