Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose is to Help People Lead Healthy Lives

We grow and inspire a diverse community of learners through our humanistic culture. Building on a distinguished tradition, we provide exceptional education; offer personalized quality patient care; support collaborative research; and foster commitment to service.

Improving Health and Wellness through Innovation in Programs, Partnerships and People

The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is an innovative and renowned leader in health and wellness. As a leader, our programs prepare healthcare providers for current, future and evolving practice models. The Dugoni School integrates inter-professional education with patient care, keeping humanism at its core. We educate beginning and established healthcare professionals for an array of career paths.

Signature partnerships support our programs and enhance health, education, research, and service. Partnerships reduce tuition dependence and create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff development.

Powered by its people, the Dugoni School sets the standard for humanistic education and leadership that serve the needs of its students, patients, alumni, the organized profession, and the public.

Core Values

We commit to the following values to support the defining characteristic of our education model — Humanism.

By accentuating the positive, setting high standards and respecting the individual, we provide the best possible learning, working and healthcare environment for every member of our community.

Courage — willing to take risks, doing what is right not easy
Empowerment — supporting and inspiring individuals to fulfill their potential
Excellence — achieving the highest quality in all that we do
Innovation — imagining and applying bold, creative approaches
Integrity — exemplifying the highest personal and professional ethical principles
Leadership — inspiring through vision and challenging others to effect positive change

To learn more about how the school's purpose, vision and values are reflected in the Dugoni School's strategic plan, Transforming the Future of Oral Health Education, view the strategic plan documents available here.

Defining Humanism

Our view of humanism is based upon honest communication of clear expectations along with positive support for diligent effort. Although kindness is valued, humanism is not interpreted to mean softness, weakness, or superficial niceness. In fact, humanism places great responsibility on each member of the dental school community. In order for this approach to work, faculty members must be models of the profession’s highest standards, and they must teach in a way that encourages and energizes students. Students, in turn, are expected to set very high standards, to work hard, and to take personal responsibility for their own learning process.

Examples of humanistic student-faculty interaction at the Dugoni School: