Estimating Your Attendance Costs

The following is an estimated total cost for DDS by year in school for the 2019-20 academic year. 

Estimated Educational Expenses
CategoryFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
Tuition $114,720 $114,720 $114,720
Fees $8,411 $9,405 $10,621
Kit $11,624 $2,383 $0
Books and Supplies $2,900 $800 $800
Estimated Total $137,655 $127,308 $126,141
Estimated Living Expenses
 First YearSecond YearThird Year
Off Campus Housing $32,040 $32,040 $32,040

CategoryMonthlyQuarterly (3 Months)12 Months
Rent $1,734 $5,202 $20,808
Food $534 $1,602 $6,408
Transportation $268 $402 $1,608
Personal / Misc $268 $804 $3,216

The cost of attendance is an estimate of the student's direct and indirect educational expenses for a specific period of enrollment. Direct educational expenses include tuition, fees (i.e. instrument management fees, student body fee, ASDA and CDA memberships, lab fee, health and disability insurance, laptop, optical loops, books and supplies.) Indirect educational expenses include housing, transportation and personal/miscellaneous. Reasonable living expenses allowance includes rent, food, utilities and transportation costs.

Please note that financial aid programs are not intended to fund mortgages, credit card debts or other items not included in the table above.

Enrollment Deposit and Kit Down Payment

The enrollment deposit of $1,000 and the kit down payment of $2,000 are required for admitted students in order to reserve a place in the entering class. Your deposits will be applied against your tuition and kit costs. Please contact the Admissions Office for the enrollment deposit and kit down payment due dates. Also, please note that these deposits are due and payable before school starts and cannot be waived or postponed until financial aid is received.