Searching Tips

Before your search

Prior to searching for a place to live, you may want to consider the following factors.

  • Safety: Will you feel safe enough walking around the neighborhood at night?
  • Parking and Transportation: Is street parking easily accessible or nearby garage available? If taking public transportation, how far will you need to walk?
  • Food and Restaurants: Are there nearby grocery stores and restaurants?
  • Recommended areas and nearby cities: Where are our students living?

It is a good idea to learn and prepare yourself when you find a desired location(s).

  • Rental Terminology: What types of housing are there?
  • Renter's Resume: Have a resume ready to help the landlord with all the necessary information and maximize your chances. Add a photo to help the landlords remember you while making a decision. Sample renter's resume (PDF)
  • Credit Report: Have a credit report available and make copies when viewing properties.
  • Rent: Consider Dugoni Living Expense Budget (PDF) when looking for housing.
  • Shared Housing: We recommend finding a roommate(s) to keep costs down. A Facebook group,  SF Campus - Housing & Roommate Search, has been created for our students to communicate with one another to find a potential roommate(s). Please request to be added to the group and an administrator will approve it.
  • Rental Scams: Beware of rental scams for housing. For tips to avoid these scams, please visit the Federal Trade Commission - Rental Listing Scams.
Housing Search

San Francisco's housing search can be competitive. Here are some to tips to follow when you are ready to view properties:

  • Due to the rental market in San Francisco, landlords usually require immediate occupancy. Start looking early and give yourself 3-6 weeks to find housing.
  • Rental Listing Services: Browse online listing services to find the most up-to-date listings. For a fee, you can a contact property management to search for housing to fit your needs.
  • Look for "Vacancy" or "For Rent" signs in windows and in front of apartments in the area. Many owners advertise onsite so be sure to bring your cell phone.
  • Apartment Facilities: We have listed the apartment facilities our students are currently living. They are located in San Francisco and nearby cities.
  • Ask questions when speaking to a landlord over the phone or at an open house. For important questions to ask a landlord, please visit Top Questions to Ask When Looking to Rent an Apartment.
  • When viewing a property, bring a renter's resume and a copy of your credit report. Having both available will make life easier for the landlord.
  • Bring your checkbook. If you like what you see, it will help to be the first to offer the landlord a holding deposit, as most landlords are not inclined to "hold" rentals to tenants. Be prepared to pay "one month" rent as a holding deposit.

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