Applying as a Transfer


Applicants who are accepted as transfer students will enter the program in the upper division at the Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Incoming transfer students are expected to have completed their prerequisite coursework at a previous institution with a minimum GPA of 2.7. Coursework in progress at the time of application is acceptable. Following admission, all prerequisites must be completed prior to the matriculation date of the dental hygiene program.

If you qualify for an in-person interview, you will be notified by phone or email. Interviews will be offered throughout August-October.

Students matriculate each January and graduate after 18 months.

If you are a current Pacific student and would like to apply to the Dental Hygiene Program, please contact the Office of the Registrar to request and complete the Program/Major Change form. The form should then be forwarded to the Dental Hygiene Program Director to schedule an interview. 

Transfer Requirements

Course unit requirement: 64 or more semester units or 96 quarter units.

GPA: Cumulative GPA of at least 2.7.

  • Minimum Grade Requirement for Prerequisites:Courses earned at institutions other than University of the Pacific will transfer only if the grade earned is a "C" or higher.
  • Age of Coursework: Students who have not completed a science course within the past three years will be required to enroll in and complete one science course with a grade of "C" or higher prior to enrollment in the program.

Letter of Recommendation: Two letters are required and requested from a professional in the dental field, professor or manager/supervisor.

Dental Hygiene Shadowing Experience: 20 hours minimum

Required Courses

You will need to determine if the courses you plan on transferring to Pacific are equivalent to the courses listed below. Pacific currently has identified equivalencies with many other institutions. To look at the articulation agreements we have with other institutions, please use our online course articulation tool (ROAR).

Written Communication course
4 units
College preparatory courses not acceptable

Psychology 31: Intro to Psychology
4 units

Sociology 51: Intro to Sociology
4 units

Biology 61: Principles of Biology 
5 units

Chemistry 25: General Chemistry
5 units

Chemistry 27: General Chemistry
5 units

General Education: World Perspectives & Ethics 
4 units

General Education: Artistic Process & Creation
4 units

Mathematics 35: Statistics and Probability
3 units

Communications 27: Public Speaking
3 units

Biology 170: Human Anatomy
5 units

Biology 180: Human Physiology
5 units

Biology 145: Microbiology 
5 units

8 units

Total Units = 64

*Applicants with a bachelors degree do not need to complete the Pacific General Education requirements. 

Total Units Required = 64 semester units or 95 quarter units

* Courses similar to the requirements that do not match on ROAR may be substituted. All substitutions must be approved. Please email your course number, description, school and Pacific course you wish to be reviewed. 

For all questions, email