The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry prides itself on producing excellent clinically trained dentists. Our graduates develop the tools they need to adapt to an ever-changing world, where new skills and knowledge will be required to keep pace with advancing technology and the challenges faced by an increasingly diverse population.

Our students begin their clinical instruction on their first day of dental school. The students learn from the beginning that excellent patient care involves technical skills, communication skills and a humanistic viewpoint. Because of this approach to education, our graduates are in very high demand by both practicing dentists and graduate programs.

Our school is a pioneer in competency-based dental education — an approach that replaces the traditional system of clinical requirements with experiences that ensure graduates possess the skills, understanding and professional values needed for the independent practice of general dentistry. The school's comprehensive patient care program is based on the concept of private dental practice where the student assumes responsibility for assigned patients' treatment, consultation and referral for specialty care.

The competency-based clinical model consistently produces one of the highest pass rates on initial licensure examinations and there is a sense of community that honors the potential in all individuals. The outstanding clinical training our students receive has earned our school national prominence.

Dentists from all over the country come to the Dugoni School to learn advanced techniques and to further their understanding of dentistry. Every year, the dental school hosts many continuing education programs for practicing dental professionals. Even the best dentists come to our school to become better.