Before you begin your search for housing, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology and abbreviations used by landlords when posting an apartment for rent.

Flat: An entire floor in a building with its own entrance

Jr. One-Bedroom Apartment: Studio apartment with a sleeping alcove

Studio Apartment: A three-room unit consisting of a combined living room and bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom

Garden or In-law Apartment: A small one-bedroom unit, usually located at or below the ground floor of a small apartment building or single-family home

Efficiency, EF or EFFNCY: Smaller than a studio; kitchen is very small or part of the combined living area

Personal Descriptors: In shared situations, a roommate may include a self-description including a combination of the following letters: A=Asian; B=black; Bi=bisexual; F=female; G=gay; J=Jewish; L=latino/latina; M=male; P=professional; W=white

LFT: Loft; an apartment in a converted warehouse or factory; usually one large room

Sublet: A unit rented by a tenant to another party; the agreement is made with the lease holder rather than the actual landlord

F/LMR: First and last month's rent

DD or DAM DEP: Damage deposit

SEC: Security deposit

AEK: All-electric kitchen