University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is authorized under federal regulations to enroll non-immigrant foreign national students. Foreign national applicants are those applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Since it can take varying lengths of time to acquire appropriate visas, non-immigrant applicants who reside outside the United States should plan to submit their applications as soon as they successfully complete the Certifications of Finances process. 

Those who will be enrolling with F-1 student visa status will be required to submit a Certification of Finances form.

Certification of Finances for F-1 Students

If you plan to study at the dental school with an F-1 or J-1 student visa, you need to submit a Certification of Finances form or an official original bank statement from your bank or your sponsor's bank. Your submitted documents are needed to verify that you have sufficient funds in U.S. dollars available for the duration of the two-year program. This is required even if you plan to apply for financial aid or live with family members while you study. Your financial documents need to be originals, and not more than two months old. Photocopies and faxed versions are not acceptable.

NOTE: When you are officially accepted into the IDS program and have provided the necessary financial information, the school will issue the required non-immigrant documents. You can then apply for the F-1 visa at the United States Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Without proof of adequate funding, the school will not issue the above-mentioned non-immigrant documents.