The highest annual award presented by the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is the Alumni Association’s Medallion of Distinction, given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the school, the Alumni Association, the profession of dentistry or to society in general. These contributions include time, talent, dedication and leadership. Medallion of Distinction award winners are normally announced at the Alumni Association's Annual Meeting each spring.

Nomination Criteria

Category I

Outstanding Contributions to the Dental School or Alumni Association By an Alumnus or Associate Member who has made contributions to the dental school or the Alumni Association as an active member in terms of time, talents, dedication, leadership and other contributions.

Category II

Outstanding Contributions in Any Area By an Alumnus or Associate Member who has made significant contributions not directly associated with the dental school or Alumni Association as in Category I, but through participation in community, public health, civic, political, humanities, literature, art, music or other areas of endeavor.

Category III

Outstanding Contributions to the Dental School or Society By an individual dentist (not an Alumnus or Associate Member) or non-dentist who has made outstanding contributions to the dental school or to society in general which the school or the Alumni Board of Directors may wish to recognize.


2021 Recipients

  • Dr. John W. Feaster ’74A
  • Mr. Raybel Ramos, Assistant VP for Technology Services

Dr. Jack Saroyan ’62 was also selected to receive a Medallion of Distinction; his will be presented to him next year.

2020 Recipients

  • Mr. Stan Constantino
  • Dr. Debra A. Woo

2019 Recipients

  • Dr. Lucinda J. Lyon
  • Dr. Bruce G. Toy

2018 Recipients

  • Dr. William M. Carpenter
  • Dr. Nava Fathi
  • Ms. Joan Yokom

2017 Recipients

  • Dr. Dorothy Dechant
  • Mrs. Melanie Lundquist
  • Mr. Richard Lundquist
  • Dr. Ariane R. Terlet

2016 Recipients

  • Dr. M. Gabrielle Thodas
  • Dr. Gary A. Thodas
  • Dr. Steven A. Dugoni

2015 Recipients

  • Dr. Scott t. Jacks (p)
  • Dr. Maria Pallavicini

2014 Recipients

  • Mr. Michael Carroll
  • Dr. Joseph Levy (p)
  • Mr. Jim Mair
  • Dr. Shannon Wong (p)

2013 Recipients

  • Dr. Pamela A. Eibeck
  • Dr. Nader A. Nadershahi
  • Dr. Daniel S. Tanita

2012 Recipients

  • Dr. Robert L. Boyd
  • Dr. A. Thomas Indresano
  • Dr. Dennis D. Shinbori

2011 Recipients

  • Dr. Patrick J. Ferrillo, Jr.
  • Mr. Gary M. Mitchell
  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier

2010 Recipients

  • Dr. Richard E. Fredekind
  • Dr. N. Karl Haden

2009 Recipient

  • Dr. Ernest G. Giachetti

2008 Recipients

  • Dr. Roy C. Bergstrom
  • Dr. Martin Brotman
  • Dr. Eugene E. LaBarre

2007 Recipients

  • Mr. Patrick D. Cavanaugh
  • Mr. Donald E. O’Connell
  • Dr. Jane Wright-Hayes

2006 – No Recipients

  • (Tribute to Dr. Art Dugoni)

2005 Recipients

  • Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan
  • Ms. Eve Cuny
  • Ms. Christine E. Miller
  • Dr. Donald R. Poulton
  • Dr. Craig S. Yarborough

2004 Recipients

  • Dr. William M. Dorfman
  • Dr. Paul D. Glassman
  • Dr. Giuseppe Inesi
  • Dr. Henry A. Sutro
  • Dr. Colin C. Wong

2003 Recipients

  • Dr. Kenneth Frangadakis
  • Dr. Philip Gilbertson
  • Dr. Jack N. Hadley
  • Dr. Larry G. Loos
  • Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle

2002 Recipients

  • Dr. Sigmund H. Abelson
  • Dr. W. Ronald Redmond
  • Mr. Thomas J. Soden
  • Dr. Betty S. Vodzak

2001 Recipients

  • Mr. P. Lance Keever
  • Dr. W. Eugene Roberts
  • Dr. F. Paul Senise

2000 Recipients

  • Dr. Susan A. Bittner
  • Dr. Frank A. Brucia
  • Dr. Donald V. DeRosa
  • Dr. Eddie K. Hayashida
  • Mr. Gordon J. Tucker

1999 Recipients

  • Mayor Willie Brown, Jr.
  • Dr. David W. Chambers
  • Dr. Kenneth F. Fat
  • Ms. Joanne O. Fox
  • Dr. D. William Harman

1998 Recipients

  • Dr. Ronald F. Borer
  • Ms. Arlene W. Burbank
  • Ms. Katherine A. Dugoni
  • Dr. Louis J. Geissberger

1997 Recipients

  • Dr. Eric K. Curtis
  • Mr. Edward J. Mitchell
  • Dr. Joseph M. Yamamoto

1996 Recipients

  • Dr. William W. Goon
  • Mr. Milton C. Lambertson
  • Dr. Theodore K. Lee
  • Dr. David B. Nielsen
  • Dr. G. Bruce Valentine

1995 Recipients

  • Dr. Bernard S. Aarons
  • Dr. Bill L. Atchley
  • Dr. Robert H. Christoffersen
  • Dr. Kenneth E. Follmar

1994 Recipients

  • Ms. Rosemary Dixon
  • Dr. James R. Pride
  • Mrs. Margarita A. Robertson
  • Dr. Eugene E. West

1993 Recipient

  • Dr. Arthur A. Molinari

1992 Recipients

  • Dr. Ralph P. Ermoian
  • Dr. Raymond J. Graves
  • Ms. Patricia M. Wagner

1991 Recipients

  • Dr. F. Gene Dixon
  • Dr. Thomas R. Flinn
  • Dr. Paul R. Thomassen

1990 Recipients

  • Mr. Alfred E. Gilmour
  • Dr. James J. Leib (p)
  • Dr. Herbert E. Ward

1989 Recipients

  • Dr. James A. Campbell
  • Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni
  • Ms. Elizabeth M. Selmer

1988 Recipients

  • Dr. William E. Allen
  • Dr. Thomas J. Beare
  • Dr. Richard F. Hoedt
  • Ms. Shirley Jaworowski

1987 Recipients

  • Dr. Fletcher Craig
  • Dr. Judson Klooster
  • Dr. Stanley E. McCaffrey
  • Ms. Dorothy Minto
  • Dr. R. Neil Smithwick

1986 Recipients

  • Dr. Leroy D. Cagnone
  • Dr. Irwin L. Marcus
  • Dr. Dale F. Redig
  • Dr. Frank J. Thayer
  • Dr. Leonard M. Warren

1985 Recipients

  • Father Richard Mulcahy
  • Dr. Louis H. Silveira
  • Dr. John J. Tocchini
  • Dr. Frederick T. West
  • Dr. Herbert K. Yee
  • Dr. Stephen S. Yuen

Past Recipients, Alumnus of the Year Award:

  • 1984  Dr. Carl J. Johnson
  • 1983  Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni
  • 1982  Dr. James A Campbell
  • 1981  Dr. Frederick T. West
  • 1979  Dr. Herbert E. Ward
  • 1978  Dr. Leroy D. Cagnone
  • 1977  Dr. Louis Silveira
  • 1976  Dr. Thomas J. Beare
  • 1975  Dr. Clancy Butler
  • 1974  Dr. John J. Tocchini
  • 1973  Dr. Benjamin Reinke
  • 1972  Dr. Ruben Blake
  • 1971  Dr. Thomas R. Flinn
  • 1970  Dr. George Hollenback
  • 1969  Dr. Henry Harris
  • 1966  Dr. Jack Werner
  • 1963  Dr. Don Jose Aubertine
  • 1962  Dr. A.W. Ward
  • 1960  Dr. Franklin H. Locke
  • 1958  Dr. Henry Harris
  • 1957  Women’s Auxiliary
  • 1956  Board of Trustees