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Pacific Center for Equity in Oral Health Care

With a focus on inequities in resources for oral health care and dental education, The Pacific Center advocates for health systems and health policies that support broad inclusion of oral health care as an integral and meaningful part of the health care system, available to all.

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Center for Innovation and Translation

Formally launching in mid-2022, the Center for Innovation and Translation is an exciting new venture that will drive clinical research partnerships to support the oral and overall health of people in the United States and beyond. 

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artifacts from the dental collection

Center for Dental History and Craniofacial Study

The Center for Dental History and Craniofacial Study (CDHCS) maintains four collections to support its mission of collecting and preserving skulls for the understanding of craniofacial biology and evolution, as well as artifacts for the presentation of dental history, and to make these materials available for research and education.

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Craniofacial Research Instrumentation Laboratory

The Craniofacial Research Instrumentation Laboratory is devoted exclusively to clinical research that focus on the effects of therapeutic interventions designed to correct dentofacial malocclusions and craniofacial malformations by orthodontic and/or surgical means. The goal of these endeavors is to create better future conditions for evidence-based orthodontic practice.

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