Notification of Use of Discretionary Day(s)

Students who wish to use a discretionary day(s) or part thereof are required to contact the Office of Academic Affairs promptly so that timely notification can go to course directors and clinic personnel. 

 Discretionary days in effect for each class are as follows:

First-year DDS and IDS 5 full days (DDS, no carryover to Year 2)
Second-year DDS 8 full days
Third-year DDS and second-year IDS 8 full days plus 50% of unused days from Year 2 (Year 1 for IDS students)
Note:  Night clinic sessions count as one half day.  An absence for all three instructional sessions
on Monday or Thursday (morning, afternoon, and evening) counts as 1.5 discretionary days.

Any absence of more than two (2) consecutive days requires documentation supporting the absence. Documentation should be submitted promptly to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Notification Options
  1. Submit a Notification of Use of Discretionary Day(s) form (copies are also available in our office).
  2. Call 415.929.6437 during regular business hours. Voicemail is available Monday – Friday, 5:00 pm to 8:00 am and on weekends.
  3. Only emails from a dental school email account are acceptable. Email

All students requesting use of a discretionary day should provide the following information:

  • Name and student ID number (3-digit number on class roster, if leaving a voicemail message)
  • DDS or IDS and class year
  • Date(s) and times of absence and date and time of return; half days for events and appointments only

Second- and third-year students:

  • You should also provide the name of your GPL and indicate whether patients have been notified of your absence and whether you have a block or rotation on the day of your absence.