Reproduction of Artifact Images from the Dental History Collections

Archival Image Access
Rights and Reproduction Policies

CDHCS retains all reproduction rights for the photographs and documents within its dental history collections. Requests for permission to duplicate, publish, electronically transmit, or publicly display in exhibits images supplied by CDHCS from its archives must be submitted on the Reproduction Use Permissions Request Form. In addition, the User must provide a written document explaining the context in which images will be used. Permission is granted for one-time use only. CDHCS must receive one copy of any publication, brochure or other materials containing these archival images at no charge.

Reproduction Use and Duplication Services Fees

To help defray the administrative costs of duplication services, a use fee will be charged in addition to the materials costs associated with producing duplicate copies. As determined by CDHCS, reproduction use fees may be waived for non-profit or scholarly use by individuals. An additional letter, detailing the use of the requested archival image(s), as well as proof of non-profit status, may be required.

Copyright Restrictions

As applicable, copyright restrictions and rights will be enforced with regard to reproduction and use of archival materials housed in CDHCS's dental history collections.

Reproduction Use Fees — Per Image

Commercial use is subject to approval by CDHCS. Listed below are minimum fees. Fees are for a one-time use.

Editorial Use  
Scholarly — individuals: publications, dissertations $0
Scholarly — press-related: print or electronic media (editorial, periodical or newspaper), television program, film, website $35
Non-profit business $35
Government agencies $35
Commercial — individual/business: print or electronic media, television program, film, website $85
Exhibition Use  
For-profit — individual/business $130
Non-profit — business/institution $35
Internet, Website Use  
Individual/business/agency/institution To be negotiated
Duplication Services Fees — Per Image

Digital images of photographs or documents will be scanned from originals and provided electronically through DropBox. Purchase prices given below cover staff time and incidental costs. 

Digital image scanned from existing photo print (5x7" or 8x10"): 300 DPI $30
  1200 DPI $40
Digital images scanned from existing letters (8.5x11"): 300 DPI $30
  1200 DPI $45
Digital images scanned from existing large documents (up to 11x17"): 300 DPI $45
  1200 DPI $50
Digital images scanned from existing documents larger than 11x17":    
Image Use
Scholarly Research and Images

If artifact images from the dental history collections are used in scholarly publications, a PDF or reprint of each relevant publication or an abstract of each presentation using an image must be sent to CDHCS for the museum archives. In addition, if an image is used in a Master's or Ph.D. dissertation, a PDF of the dissertation must be sent, upon completion, to the Curator, Ward Museum, CDHCS, University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, 155 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Image production is permitted with the following requirements and restrictions:

  1. Artifact images are to be used only for the purposes of illustrating academic publications or presentations.
  2. Photographs, CT scans, X-rays or videotapes may not be reproduced for distribution (or otherwise distributed) to others or used for commercial purposes without specific written permission of CDHCS.
  3. Any academic publication or presentation that uses these images must acknowledge the Center for Dental History and Craniofacial Study, University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.
Exhibits/Commercial Use and Images

Use of images in exhibits or for commercial purposes require special permission for processing and requests are subject to approval by the University of the Pacific and CDHCS.