Dental Staff Advisory Council (DSAC)

Vision Statement

Communicate and cooperate to promote recognition, mutual respect and wellbeing of all staff.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Dental Staff Advisory Council (DSAC) is to encourage and develop awareness of staff concerns to promote a healthy and respectful rapport between the staff and dental school community. We will collaborate to establish and maintain open communication within the school to strive for wellness and equality.

Committee Meetings

The DSAC committee meets every second Wednesday of each month from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. Please notify one of the committee members if you would like to attend a meeting.

Committee Bylaws

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Committee Members

Chairs: Valeria Donald
Vice Chair: Jonathan Rutherford
Treasurer : Jennifer McGlothlin
Secretary: Kamika Brown
DSAC Advisor: Kara Bell
Committee Members: Geneva Gonzales, Emilia Segura, Suzanne Camp, Kimmel Kington, Timothy Fritts

DSAC Events & Programs
  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Secret Pal 
  • Staff Development Day
  • Degree Completion Program (ongoing)