Employee Recognition Committee

Mission Statement

The Employee Recognition Committee seeks to create an environment in which recognition of and appreciation for the employees of the dental school is encouraged and reinforced.

Goals and Objectives

The Employee Recognition Committee holds the following goals and objectives:

To acknowledge each person's contributions as vital to the success of the school.
To encourage employees to be active contributors to a recognition program.
To encourage pride in each employee in their approach to daily work activities.
To recognize demonstrated teamwork within and between departments.

Committee Members

Hilda Asturias
Kara Bell
Tim Fritts
Jessica Fuentes
Harmony Matshik Dakafay
Jen Ojeda
Emilia Segura
Robert Trezia
Juan Carlos Zaldana

Sharepoint Site

Please click here to view our committee Sharepoint Site - you can view our event calendar, past event photos, and more!