Years of Service Recognition

Formal acknowledgment of years of service was launched in 2011 to recognize staff and faculty members who have reached specific anniversaries in their employment at Pacific. The Employee Recognition Committee sponsors a yearly luncheon to honor and thank these employees who have reached employment milestones.

In 2019, the following employees were recognized and celebrated for their years of service:

5 Years

Hilda Asturias
Rupa Balachandran
Dr. Lori Doran-Garcia
Madeline Escorcia
Dr. Leticia Ferreira Cabido
Dr. Johnah Galicia
Dr. Geraldine Gerges Gaid
Christina Hernandez
Lori Hui
Dr. Parvati Iyer
Moises Leon
Dane Medina
Dr. Richard Nathan
Kelly Ng-Louie
Anh Nguyen
Brenda Phillips
McKee Quan
Dr. Aneet Randhawa
Thomas Sallee
Dr. Raymond Scott
Dr. Roxanna Shafiee
Dr. Michael Tiller
Thienkim Tran
Rosalyn Vargas-Diao
Dr. Debra Woo
Lucy Wright-Nielsen
Dr. Nan Xiao 

10 Years

Vanessa Bricker
Mirna Diaz
Sandy Ow
Nadia Palafox
Dr. Joorok Park
Ludmila Rippe
Malou Ruperto-Thompson
Dr. William Sands
Dan Soine
Dr. David Thornton

15 Years

Eleanore Gubisch Bizzare
Dr. Foroud Hakim
Satomi Kobayashi
Martin Lowe
Andrew Malimban
Dr. Christine Peters
Dr. Gitta Radjaeipour
Dr. Paul Subar
Dr. Bina Surti

20 Years

Fedeliza Basco
Gigi Maranan
Dr. Nader Nadershahi
Rowena O'Connor
Karen Yamamoto

25 Years

Dr. Daniel Bender
Ligia Bermudez
Dr. Dorothy Dechant
Dr. Lisa Harpenau
Emilia E. Segura
Rowena Sese
Gloria Sue
Arnel Villones

30 Years

Pik Wan Loo
Curtis Low
Magda Rinaldi

35 Years

Dr. Russell Woodson
Eve Cuny