Years of Service Recognition

Formal acknowledgment of years of service was launched in 2011 to recognize staff and faculty members who have reached specific anniversaries in their employment at Pacific. The Employee Recognition Committee sponsors a yearly luncheon to honor and thank these employees who have reached employment milestones.

In 2018, the following employees were recognized and celebrated for their years of service:

5 Years

Dr. Sig Abelson
Dr. Gina Chann
Dr. Lynn Edwards
Kelly Fong
Mary Gengler
Lindsey Green
Dr. Gary Grill
Fayyaz Ibrahim
Edwin Mendoza
Dr. Priya Prasannakumar
David Swanson
Dr. Nathan Yang
Charleen Yson
Svetlana Zakharova
Juan Carlos Zaldana

10 Years

Maria Beltran
Travis Bluford
Stan Constantino
Valeria Donald
Katherine Falk
Michelle Fang
Dr. Shika Gupta
Dr. Peter Hansen
Maureen Harrington
Robert Kim
Lori Osano
Andrea Price
Gary Wong

15 Years

Angelia Arroyo
Dr. Mohamed Fallah
Emilio Fastidio
Dr. Terry Hoover
Dr. Cindy Lyon
Olga Matveyeva
Dr. Jeffrey Miles
Dr. Eugene Santucci
Dr. Noelle Santucci
Maria Sioson
Elinore Tanglao

20 Years

William Edrich
Neil Kingston
Julia Lui
Dr. Bert Masangkay
Ana Montalvo
Jane Santa Cruz
Sandra Shuhert

25 Years

Anissa Barrot
Kara Bell
Erika Giannini
Josephine Nebab
Dr. Craig Yarborough

30 Years

Laurie Averill
Dr. Daniel Castagna
Miriam Licudine
Dr. Chi Tran

35 Years

Maria DeGunto
Dr. William Lundergan
Christine Miller

50 Years

Dr. Bob Christoffersen