Battery Recycling Program

Batteries contain toxic metals and it is illegal to dispose of them in the trash. By recycling your batteries and other acceptable materials, you can keep in compliance with current environmental regulations, manage your waste stream properly, and limit your exposure to liability. With proper planning, this program will strengthen our environmental stewardship through recovery and recycling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I recycle my batteries?
Collection pails are stationed at convenient locations and will continue to be set up throughout campus.

Battery Recycling Locations

  • 107, Information Technology
  • 113, Dorfman Hall 
  • Student Store 
  • 4C04 
  • 4th Floor Faculty/Staff Lounge 
  • 514A 
  • 514B
  • 514C
  • 520, Polishing Lab

For more information, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 415.929.6622.

Can I bring batteries from home and place them in these containers at work?

What types of batteries and other materials can I put into a Battery Solutions collection container?
The collection containers are designed for batteries such as alkaline, primary lithium (please tape the terminals or put in a separate baggie), nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, small sealed lead acid (please tape the terminals) and other household dry-cell batteries. You may also utilize the container for cellular phones, pagers, wireless communication devices (such as PDAs and MP3s), chargers, portable tools, laptops and any other handheld electronic devices that are designed to operate on battery power.

How do I properly package my spent batteries prior to disposing inside the containers?
You are required to place CLEAR tape on the metal terminals on all lithium and lead acid gel batteries as well as batteries of as any chemistry over 9 volts before placing them in the shipping container.  

DO NOT use masking tape, colored tape or duct tape! Alkaline, NiMH, NiCad, zinc air and non-lithium button cell batteries that have 9 volts or less of electrical current listed on the battery DO NOT require taping.

  1. Place tape on contact points.          
  2. Place in original packaging.        
  3. Place in plastic bag.

How do I request a container for my office/suite?
Please call Environmental Health & Safety at 415.929.6622 or email Ernesto Lara at California's Universal Waste Rule allows containers to be stored for up to one year from the start of accumulation of recyclables. Environmental Health and Safety will collect all containers within the required timeframe. For more information, please visit