Conference Rooms and Classrooms

IT offers the following advice:

  • For assistance or AV training, please submit a ServiceNow Request.
  • For rooms that have multiple sections, like 514 and 113, please check the labels on the Crestron control panels, wireless keyboards, presenter mice and mics, and make sure not to mix them up. For example, in 514, each of these items is labeled 514A, 514B, or 514C. Equipment from 514A won't work in 514B, etc.
  • There are rechargeable AA batteries for the microphones in 514 and 113. They are located next to the phones. Please put the spent batteries on the charger. Do not dispose of the batteries.
  • Give time for the system to respond. It may take at least a few seconds for the system to respond to any buttons that are pushed. (In the Sim Lab, please wait three seconds between pushing any button at the teacher stations.)
  • If you use the Mac mini, please restart it when you are finished. It should go to the opening splash screen that allows the next user to select Mac or Windows. The Mac minis should not be shut down or logged out and left on the Windows 10 operating system.
  • To remove a control panel from its charger, tap the home button on the touch screen, then the eject button that appears. When you have finished with a control panel, please return it to its charger; otherwise, the next person who uses it may find a dead control panel, and be unable to control the room.
  • Cables should not be removed from any room.
  • Please remember to turn off the room when you are finished by pressing the power button in the top right conrner of the Crestron panel, then hitting Confirm.