San Francisco Pacific Technology Team Integration Plan

Maintain San Francisco's success and humanistic environment while finding ways to successfully integrate technology services on all campuses

The University of the Pacific's role as a leading university in the mega-region of Northern California is critical to its future success. It is incumbent upon us to offer excellent educational programs, scholarship, and outreach that are responsive to this region's needs. The success of our San Francisco campus is critical to the success of our university.

The University is turning to the talented people within the Dugoni School to step forward and take on leadership roles with responsibility for the San Francisco campus and to be a formal part of the University-wide teams in their discipline. This reflects our confidence in their experience and ability to bring the positive culture and best practices of Dugoni to support all our San Francisco programs. These expanded roles include new reporting lines to university leaders while retaining close connections with the Dugoni School leadership and people to ensure continued seamless service for the Dugoni family of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and patients.

A thoughtful, well planned and executed transition of the San Francisco technology team into the One University and Three City Pacific Technology team is required to meet the University's vision and technology service delivery objectives outlined above. The formation of the Three City Technology Services Task Force is hereby charged to plan and execute the transition.

Technology challenges addressed by the integration of San Francisco technology and Pacific technology
  • Maximize our investment in technology
    • Technology refresh cycles and technology funding and planning are fragmented. A University-wide technology services organization provides the consolidated view of the University's needs and the opportunity to maximize our technology investments, for example:
    • Consolidate buying software licensing, hardware purchases to maximize our investment in technology
  • Maximize our investment in people in service of the institution
    • University Center administrative and technology support staffing and funding
    • Career planning, growth, and enhancement opportunities for technology staff
  • Reduce institutional risk
    • University wide information security/privacy and compliance
    • Ensure technology purchases meet the information security needs of the university.  For example, implement a consistent approach to reviewing vendors' adherence to information security standards
  • Improved, expanded service delivery (over time)
    • Plan and deliver scalable services across all campuses, including but not limited to classroom services and digital media, multi-site collaboration services (e.g. live video conferencing), customer service desk and self-help, and infrastructure services
    • Identify and incorporate best practices from each technology department and campus
    • Identify and incorporate best practices for technology innovation across all campuses
    • Unified standards as it relates to management operations, systems, support and user experience
Transition Plan Schedule

Task force & team meetings
Aug 15 – Sept 15

Identify core values, team culture, inventory/gap analysis/synergies
Sept. 15 – Oct 15

Review, document, modify as needed, and schedule
Oct 15 – Nov 15

Nov 15 – Dec 15

Pacific Technology Team Integration Plan Documents